Ends on March 15, 2019

Call for submissions for a special TEEN ISSUE of Inlandia: A Literary Journey

Now accepting fiction, poetry, nonfiction, graphic novel excerpts, zine excerpts, book reviews, and art for a special issue of Inlandia: A Literary Journey, Inlandia Institute’s online literary journal. This issue is dedicated to work by and for teens with connections to the Inland Empire. Submissions are open to IE teens ages 13 - 19. We are also looking for guest editors for this issue. See the FAQs for more information.


Submissions open on January 5, 2019.

Submissions close on March 15, 2019.

Guidelines for submission

  • You may submit work in more than one category, but please do not submit more than one entry for any category, except poetry and art (you may submit up to five poems or works of art).
  • For fiction--there is no minimum word count. Stories should not be longer than 5,000 words. Stories must be self-contained. If you are submitting an excerpt from a novel, it must stand alone. Any genre is OK. 
  • For nonfiction--there is no minimum word count. Essays and creative nonfiction should not be longer than 3,000 words. Any topic is OK.
  • For poetry--you may submit 1-5 pages of poetry in a single document. If the formatting might be altered in a Word document, please submit as a PDF. 
  • For graphic novels/zines and the like--this is new to us, and we are leaving it a bit more open to see what comes in. Please submit as a PDF so the formatting is not lost. Consider that work that is very long--like its own graphic novel--will be too long to publish in a journal. Shorter will be better.
  • For book reviews--you must write the review yourself. Other than that, we are looking for reviews of titles that will interest teens. Whether those titles are fiction, nonfiction, YA or adult lit is up to you.
  • Art--we are looking for work that complements the written pieces and pulls the journal together as a cohesive whole. We won’t know what that is until we receive submissions, but since art is fluid and can be interpreted in many ways, we encourage you to show us some of yours. Submit 1-5 pieces as individual jpgs.


Where do I submit my work?

Submissions accepted only through our Submittable portal here. Mailed or emailed submissions will not be considered.

Is there a submission fee?

No, submissions are free.

How should I format my work?

Please use the following format:

  • Margins: one inch on all sides.
  • Font: something standard like Times New Roman. Nothing quirky unless you are purposefully using it in a poem.
  • Spacing: double space your work, unless it is a poem and you want other spacing.
  • Header: Your last name and the title of your work in the upper left. Number the pages in the upper right. (You don't need to number the first page, but if you can’t figure out how to make that go away, we won’t count it against you!)

I saved my work as a Google Doc. How can I change it to a Word Doc in order to submit?

  • To save: on a desktop or laptop computer, go to ‘File,’ ‘Download as,’ and ‘Microsoft Word.’
  • To upload: In Submittable, click on ‘Choose File.’ Then look for ‘Google Drive’ in the list of options. Click it and then click on the document that you saved as Word.
  • On an iPad or mobile format, click on the three dots in the upper right. Click on ‘Share and Export,’ then on ‘Microsoft Word.’ In Submittable, Click on ‘Choose File.’ A pop up will give options such as ‘take photo,’ ‘photo library,’ or ‘; Browse.’ Choose ‘Browse.’ Under the locations you can browse through, choose ‘Drive.’ Click on the document you saved, and it will download into Submittable.

Is there a type of work that you don’t want?

We will not accept pornographic material or work that degrades any gender, race, religion, ability level, etc. In other words, nothing demeaning of others.

We do not want work that was assigned in class and that you have no particular passion for, but your teacher is giving extra credit for you to submit something. (If an assignment turned on your creative brain, great! Let’s see it!) We do not want your personal essays from your college applications. We want the work that your creative mind drove you to make or write.

We do not want any work that you did not create yourself. (We’re sure you learned about plagiarism in school.) By submitting your work, you are verifying that it is solely your creation.

When will I know whether or not my work has been accepted?

Please be patient as we will read and seriously consider every submission. It may be late in April before you receive a response.

What do I do if I want to be a guest editor?

  • By March 1, 2019 indicate your interest by writing a paragraph in the appropriate section of the Submittable form. State specifically which genre you would prefer to judge--fiction, nonfiction, art, poetry, graphic work. If you have any experience such as working on school newspaper, please include this.

If I am a guest editor, may I still submit work?

Guest editors may still submit work, but they will not be judging ther own work.

I have a question that is not answered here. Who do I ask?

Please email your question to Victoria Waddle at vwaddleido@gmail.com, and she will do her best to answer it.