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  • Submissions to Inlandia: A Literary Journey, Inlandia's online literary journal. We publish two issues per year: Fall is an open issue for all submitters. Spring is an all-teen issue guest-edited and featuring exclusively work by teens.  
  • Writing from Inlandia, the annual anthology of creative work produced by the Inlandia Creative Writing Workshops. 
  •  Inlandia Books - Literary and Community for book manuscripts. 
  •  Inlandia Literary Laureate Nominations 
  •  The Hillary Gravendyk Prize (Opens February 1 and closes April 30 annually.)

And other projects as they come up. 

Each category has a separate review period & guidelines. If you do not see it as an open category below, then it is currently closed. Please check back. Before submitting, please be familiar with the guidelines. By your submission you are acknowledging that you have read through our guidelines carefully and agree.

NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FOR THE 2021 Writing from Inlandia Anthology

Did you participate in any Inlandia Institute creative writing workshop during the year 2021? SUBMIT!

Guidelines - revised. Please read!

   This anthology is only for writers who participated in one of Inlandia's writing workshops during 2021. If you are not a member of one of our workshops, do not submit here. It will be deleted.
        Please upload up to 5-7 pages of work (cumulative total over the course of the workshop year and may be made up of any combination of genres) written during the course of any Inlandia Writers Workshop(s) that you participated in.

 FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS: 12 pt Times New Roman, 1" margins, double or single spaced.

   Before submitting your work please be sure you have:
   -- Revised for excellency
   -- Proofread for clarity, punctuation, and grammar
   -- Proofread for any additional typographical errors

   Include a cover page with your submission indicating which workshop you belong to as well as 50 word max third person biographical statement.

   Any substantive revisions will be cleared with the author before publication, but no notification will be given for minor corrections missed by the author such as punctuation and spelling.

   Before publication all authors will have an additional opportunity to review and approve the work as it is appears in the final draft of the manuscript. ***At that time it will be the responsibility of the authors to ensure that there are no errors before the manuscript moves into the publication phase. Please be advised that if errors or omissions are missed at this stage there will be no further opportunities for revision or correction.***


   By submitting your work you are confirming that you have read and complied with the complete guidelines (available here: and you are giving your consent to publication.

   Please note that Inlandia reserves the right to decline any submission, although every effort will be made to include at least one piece from each workshop participant.

Inlandia Books is NOW OPEN for your submission! 


Writers with a connection to Inland Southern California are invited to submit. We consider only completed works. Please read the following carefully.

Delineation of Regional Boundaries

For the purposes of the Inlandia Institute publication program, “Inland Southern California,” our regional service area, is defined as the area that includes Riverside and San Bernardino Counties as well as cities on its border including Claremont, Pomona, and any non-coastal Southern California area, from Death Valley in the northernmost region to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in the southernmost.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines for full-length books:

The Inlandia Institute initially evaluates proposals only; upon consensus, the publications committee may request the full manuscript. Submissions must include the following: 

  • Cover letter which includes a brief personal bio telling us your connection to the region;
  • One-page or less description of your project;
  • Description of your target audience and why your book will appeal to them; 
  • Table of contents and list of illustrations, if applicable; 
  • Sample chapter or up to ten pages of poetry;

Response Time:

Please allow up to three months for review of your proposal and, if a full manuscript is requested, up to six months for a complete review and determination. All decisions are final. Inlandia reserves the right to decline any manuscript.

Whether or not Inlandia Institute chooses to pursue such publication for any particular manuscript will depend in large part on currently available resources and is in no way a reflection on the quality or marketability of any given manuscript. 

Please Note:

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in an immediate decline notification. Submissions by writers with no regional affiliation will also be declined.