Thank you for your interest in Inlandia!        

  • Submissions to Inlandia: A Literary Journey, Inlandia's online literary journal. We publish two issues per year: Fall is an open issue for all submitters. Spring is an all-teen issue guest-edited and featuring exclusively work by teens. 
  • Writing from Inlandia, the annual anthology of creative work produced by the Inlandia Creative Writing Workshops.
  •  Inlandia Books - Literary and Community for book manuscripts. (Open July 1-September 30.)
  •  The Hillary Gravendyk Prize (Opens February 1 and closes April 30 annually.)
  •  The Eliud Martínez Prize (Opens November 1 and closes January 31 annually.)

And other projects as they come up. 

Each category has a separate review period & guidelines. If you do not see it as an open category below, then it is currently closed. Please check back. Before submitting, please be familiar with the guidelines. 

By your submission you are acknowledging that you have read through our guidelines carefully and agree to all terms.

Call for submissions for special issue of Inlandia: A Literary Journey dedicated to librarians.

Now accepting art, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from librarians past and present on any topic. Any nonlibrarians may submit work but only about librarians/libraries for this themed issue.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted but please withdraw any accepted work promptly. 

Previously curated submissions are accepted with proper attribution/credit. 

Translations accepted if submitted with permission of both author and translator. Please include the English as well as native-language version of the work along with bios for both author and translator.

AI-generated or assisted work only allowed if accompanied by artist/writer statement about process.

Submissions open April 30, 2023, and close June 30, 2023, at midnight Pacific Time.  

Guidelines for submissions

  • Editors evaluate only anonymous submissions. Please remove your name from the submission, including the file name.
  • For art you may submit 1–5 digital photographs and/or digital images of work each in its own submission including but not limited to drawings, paintings, sculptures, fiber art, and comics. We seek art that complements the written pieces and pulls the journal together as a cohesive whole.
  • For fiction there is no minimum word count. Stories should not exceed 5,000 words. Any genre is okay. If you are submitting an excerpt from a larger work, it must be self-contained with a beginning, middle, and end.
  • For nonfiction there is no minimum word count. Essays, memoir, narrative nonfiction, and creative nonfiction should not exceed 3,000 words. Any topic is okay except for limitations for nonlibrarians (see above).
  • For poetry you may submit 1–5 poems each in its own submission. Poems should not exceed 100 lines.
  • You may submit in more than one category of work, but please do not submit more than once for any category, except art and poetry (see above).


Where do I submit my work?
We accept submissions only through the Inlandia Institute’s Submittable portal. We will not consider mailed or emailed submissions.  

Is there a submission fee?
No! Submissions are free.  

How should I format my written work?

  1. Font and Point Size: something standard such as 12-point Times New Roman.
  2. Spacing: double space your work unless it is poetry, which should be single spaced (unless you want other formatting).
  3. Margins: 1 inch on all sides.
  4. Header: include the title of your work and page numbers.
  5. Please remove your name from the submission, including the file name.

Anything else to submit?
We request a short biographical statement (up to 75 words) written in the third person (she/he/they).  

Are there types of work you don’t want?

  • We will not accept pornographic material or work that degrades any gender, race, religion, ability level, etc. In other words, nothing demeaning to others.
  • We do not want any work that you did not create yourself. Do not plagiarize. By submitting your work, you are verifying that it is solely your creation.

When will I know if my work has been accepted?
Please be patient as we read and seriously consider every submission. It may be late October before you receive a response.

If my submission is accepted for publication, will my work still be mine?

Writers and artists retain rights. Please credit us if your work is republished, and be sure to let us know so we can celebrate your achievements!